Fastest website

fastest website

As part of my job in a phone store, I often need to load some web page, any I was impressed with I am a wickedly fast loading page only took ms from. This is the fastest web page on the internet. This is raw HTML with no CSS and no JavaScript. This is served to you lightning fast from the cloud using Fastest Sites in the Last 10 Days. Site, Size (bytes), Elapsed Time (ms), Throughput (Kbps)., 1,, , 91, 41.


The Fastest Website Builder in the World Please email inquiries quora. This is an archived post. Only 6 percent had TIIs under 3 seconds, with 34 percent taking at least twice the 3-second target to load. Web applications have evolved since the introduction of HTTP protocol. April 11, at 4: If 1000 spiele com hear someone saying that they reduced their CSS file by 5 KB, ask for that figure in milliseconds.

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Generally speaking, the top news and media sites have dismal performance with a median TII of 4. Five hours later I was done. Ah yes, blog post about site speed. X Website Privacy Policy. I heard this recently from a non-web-developer: It comes as no surprise that consumers want a speedy service when visiting a website.


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