Badminton game

badminton game

Stick Badminton, New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?. Kongregate free online game Stick Figure Badminton 2 - An epic game of badminton with stick figures! Now with more playable characters!. As you know Badminton game, it has a feathery this game stick men are playing badminton and you are attending to you want to play in two.

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GAME TAGS See all. Drive serves are rare. One consequence of the shuttlecock's drag is that it requires considerable power to hit it the full length of the court, which is not the case for most racquet sports. Did you like this game? In turn, this qualification must be qualified by consideration of the distance over which the shuttlecock travels: The spin is in a counter-clockwise direction as seen from above when dropping a shuttlecock. Badminton was a demonstration event in the and Summer Olympics. You can vote only once a day. Archived from the original PDF on 14 June This article is about the sport. Badminton racquets are lightweight, with top quality racquets weighing between 70 and 95 grams 2. The server can choose a low serve into the forecourt like a pushor a lift to the back of the service court, or a flat drive pac zon. badminton game


Basic Badminton for Beginners.


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